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CBC Dutchtouch trip 2015 with young American star
soccer player, Christian Pulisic in Dortmund, Germany
Order the book "Chase a Dream" and help raise money for CBC Dutch Touch. Use coupon code DUTCH15 to get your discount. Download PDF to find out more information.

Terry Michler of CBC Dutchtouch with Tom Menting (Holland) with his professional team DeGraafschap - (picture taken at the DeGraafschap stadium after a game). Tom Menting is the first of the 'dutchies' to become a professional soccer player in Holland. Tom came to our St. Louis camp on 3 different occasions.

JUST RELEASED! Dutch Soccer Vision, a Partner organization with CBC DutchTouch International, is pleased to announce that a Dutch Coaching DVD Series has just been released. The 3-DVD set will give you the insight and practical applications to help you teach your team to play beautiful and effective soccer like the Dutch. The Dutch Soccer Vision series offers a revolutionary approach to the typical coaching DVD. Dutch Soccer Vision has utilized a reality-based filming method that captures real Dutch Coaches giving real, in-the-trenches coaching instruction to real youth soccer players. Coaches will hear exactly what our expert Dutch-trained coaches say to players to help them improve their game.

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Terry Michler / phone:314.985.6051
email: MichlerT@cbchs.org

Holland 2018 Recap ................click »
Street Soccer Camp / June 5 - 8, 2017 ................click »
International Soccer Camp
July 9-12, July 15-20, and July 22-27, 2018 ............
Check out Terry's lastest Video Promo
( a great overview on our International Camp )
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Terry Michler speaks with Jon Townsend and Ken Sweda about Dutch football and its influence in Terry's coaching success. click

An interview with legendary soccer coach Terry Michler, interviewed by Jim Hart chairman of Year Zero Soccer and Jon Townsend of The Guardian and Theese Football Times. Intro music by Robson Borba.

Podcast on Coaching High School Soccer
Click Here

Announcing the release of Dan Coughlin's new book
"Find a Way to Win Insights from Terry Michler" learn more »

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Simply Soccer
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Diet Fitness
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Soccer St Louis
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To play and train in a Professional
Environment with Top Coaches

Exposure beyond the norm for an
enriched experience

Extending the personal benefit beyond just soccer, integrating the cultural exchange of the US and Europe.
Developing a deeper appreciation of the mentality surrounding the game of soccer
Creating a memory and an opportunity to develop friendship that could last a lifetime.
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