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Camp Testimonials

Testimonials for International Camp

Jay had a great time at camp and enjoyed everything. If I could make one suggestion it would be to get some blister-free socks. The cotton gets wet, stays wet, and causes blisters. Nike makes a synthetic sock that is much better. I think most of the parents would be willing to pay a little extra for them. Congrats to all of you for making such a weather-challenged week so much fun!

Pam Travis

I think anything that broadens our horizons and shows us new ways or similar ways that all humans do things is invaluable in living a fuller, more understanding life. And then, when you organize it around something that a person loves, what could be more fun! It is very heart-warming to see the degree to which you and other teachers go to organize things to help the students grow. Thank you for that commitment.

Theresa Rogers

Suzy really enjoyed the week. Thanks for everything! In her words, it was awesome! As I mentioned, I asked her earlier this week how your camp compared with Maryville's. She said that Maryville's was all about "bigger, faster, stronger". Players that kicked harder and ran faster were rewarded. Your camp, on the other hand, was "more mental" and required a lot more concentration and thinking about what you were doing. She said she liked the CBC camp much more than the Maryville camp. She will definitely be back (and bring her little brother!).
Thank you for the wonderful camp! Eddie had a wonderful time and met lots of new people. He just had a blast!

Connie Howe

Thanks for planning and executing another great camp! Kyle always looks forward to it each summer. Despite heat, rain, hard work, he is always eager to get up and go the next morning. Five boys from his team attended this year. Thank you for all you do! What a great hot week of soccer!!!! I know my child, Stevie had a great learning cultural soccer experience. It is so great as a parent to see your child make new friends and learn something new in something he truly loves. Hosting kids from Bermuda or Holland includes the whole family in the CBC Dutch Touch soccer week. I wouldn't trade that for anything!! It makes us all involved in the camp for the week!!!
Your camp is the highlight of our summer. Both of my boys want to come next year to the camp. Luke will be finally old enough and he cant stand it that he couldn't be out on your field this year. Stevie is really working on Steve to go to Holland in the spring. Thank you again for having such a great vision to bring Holland to St.Louis!!!!

Hilary Nikodem

I just wanted to thank you for getting this camp together, I can't imagine the the time it takes to organize this. Patrick and Preston had a great experience. Patrick, who is a shy kid, I think will be more comfortable next year, knowing what to expect. Preston, well that is never a issue with him, but it will be fun for him to participate. They would love to come back next year and hopefully they will be welcome back. If you should need any volunteers, I would be available to help out in any way.

Thanks again, Kristine Meyer

My son Connor loved it and is really interested in going to Holland. What is the next step? Thanks
Thanks so much Zach had a great time at camp this week.
Thank you, Terry! Jake enjoyed every minute of the camp and got a lot out of it.

Julie Pizzitola

Thank you. Constantine found fun again. He told me about the penalty shoot out and seemed excited again. He said "I wanna come back next year!" It is because if the direction and goals you provide. The direction and passion you bring. So, it is us who should thank you.

D.K. Veronikis, MD

I just wanted to thank you for getting this camp together, I can't imagine the the time it takes to organize this. Patrick and Preston had a great experience. Patrick, who is a shy kid, I think will be more comfortable next year, knowing what to expect. Preston, well that is never a issue with him, but it will be fun for him to participate. They would love to come back next year and hopefully they will be welcome back. If you should need any volunteers, I would be available to help out in any way.

Thanks again, Kristine Meyer

Meredith had a great time and is already planning on attending next year. Thanks for providing this great opportunity.
Jack really enjoyed this week's camp. He learned a great deal and was certainly a great prep week for him prior to tryouts.
Thanks for hosting. My daughter, Grace, would like to attend next year. She'll be 12 next summer.


This was our first year and we must say that it was a great camp - well organized - everything exceeded our expectations!! Looking forward to next year - maybe then we'll be ready for Holland!! Many thanks to you and to Jan and all the coaches!! Your hard work and commitment are honorable.

Sincerely, Andrea & Steve Michalak

I just wanted to send you a little note to let you know how much my son enjoyed your camp. Everyday when I would pick him up, I would say, "You must be exhausted"! and he would answer, "No" I feel good. Wow, I thought, as hot as it was, it must have been really fun! Anyway, unfortunately on Friday we had to skip out a little early due to a little road trip to Chicago for a baseball tournament, and Michael was devastated that he was not able to say good by to his coaches, who he really liked! I was wondering if there is any way we can get email addresses for them. One of the coaches was from Nigeria and not sure of the other one. I know Michael's Lou Fusz coach, Bob Smith said that they were going to be around for another week, but not sure if they would still be in St. Louis.
With all this being said, we just want you to know how much Michael absolutely loved your camp and will definitely be back next year. Thanks again for everything, and if you can get those addresses, that would be fantastic!

Pam McSkimming

Thank you and your Dutch Touch staff for the excellent job with the kids; especially our U-12 girls from JB Marine.
Thank you again for such a well - organized intense but educational week of soccer. Stephen loved it, didn't mind the heat, and can't wait for next year! He very much would like to go to Holland. Thanks for everything, Terry. It was a great opportunity for John.

Dear Terry,
First of all, Joe and I feel it is an honor and a privilege for our kids to participate in the Dutch Touch Program. For who you are... And what you have made available to all the kids ... A Heartfelt Thank You!!! Next, we would love to host again next summer... It's like a tradition now!!! Finally, anything we can do to help you with the process (ever) ... Please don't hesitate to call!

You are the best... Thanks again! The Sendobry Clan

Thanks for another great camp. Patrick really learned a lot from the entire coaching staff.
I just wanted to thank you for getting this camp together, I can't imagine the the time it takes to organize this. Patrick and Preston had a great experience. Patrick, who is a shy kid, I think will be more comfortable next year, knowing what to expect. Preston, well that is never a issue with him, but it will be fun for him to participate. They would love to come back next year and hopefully they will be welcome back. If you should need any volunteers, I would be available to help out in any way.

Thanks again, Kristine Meyer

Thanks so much for the great camp week. Nick had a great time and learned alot. We are very excited about him being chosen in the first group for Holland. It looks like he will go.

Thanks again, Laura Imo

Thanks for the emails. Great camp, Michael really enjoyed it. Hopefully we will see you next year!

Shelly Holmes

Hey Terry,
Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for a great camp. My kids have been going to camps for years and yours is the best by far. This includes the "prestigious" college camps. The two big differences are the quality of coaching, not just some college kids, and the quality of the kids at the camp. Again, great job and my younger kids will be there next year.

Jerry Michel

Speaking for Conner, Joe and the Sendobry Family, I wanted to personally thank you, Tim and the entire Dutch coaching staff for an absolutely amazing week. Conner is on Cloud 9 and has been outside with the ball at his feet since we dropped our guest off at the airport yesterday.

He's e-mailing new friends in Holland and is growing as a person of the world...very, very cool stuff!
Thanks again...we are very much looking forward to being a part of next years camp.

Sincere Regards,
Mary Sendobry & Family

Thanks for all your hard work putting this together and for allowing my team to be a part of this fun, productive, enlightening soccer experience!!

Sincerely, Jim

Hi Terry:
I just wanted to thank you for allowing Tayler to attend the camp. She really enjoyed herself. She enjoyed meeting the Dutchies and the German kids and made some really good friendships. She loved Michelle from Holland.

She would come home each night exhausted, but very excited. She was very impressed with the skill level, especially of the kids from Holland and Germany.

She loved going against them in goal and was very excited when she would stop one of their shots. She said she knows she needs to work on her high balls and this camp has really motivated her to work even harder on that. She told her dad and I that when she meets with Donnie (her keeper trainer) that is the first thing she is going to ask him to help her with.

She told me she thought this camp was even harder than the regional ID 2 camp that she attended last September. She felt the skill level was higher and more challenging.

I as a parent just want to thank you for offering such a wonderful camp, taking and challenging kids to excel to the next level and to keep working hard.


Tim -
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to do this again this year! We look forward to sharing our positive feedback at the meeting.

Thanks again,
The Salamons (comments from a host family)

Dear Mr. Michler -
I want to thank you for creating a terrific Dutch Touch experience for all the campers! My son Christopher Gys said this was the best week of summer he has ever had!

Thank you for including him in the camp - and for putting all the time, energy, and thought into providing every participant with memories that will last a lifetime.

Thanks, Laura Gys

Thank you again for being such a positive role model for all of the kids at the camp. It takes so much time and energy to put on such a successful camp. It was the best camp we have ever attended. Jordan loved it. As a parent, I really appreciated you taking the time to encourage her and give her personal advice. So many coaches forget that they are still young and need encouragement (especially girls). It was very easy to see why you are so successful - it goes beyond what is played on the field or strategized on the sideline - you reach out and try to build character in a player. A lesson that moves them forward in life well after soccer.

Please keep us up-to-date with any further camps or trainings you host. We would love to attend them. And our son who also plays will look forward to attending when available for his age.

See you soon, Melanie Forrest

Well Terry,
Also, again, all thanks to you and your crew!!!

We had a long flight, on which some were able to sleep and others weren't… but finally we are home!

We already looked at the film which was made and especially we wanted to show Ruud the dive which Michelle made and wasn't very good…..hahaha.

We really had a great time, and we're looking forward seeing you guys all back next March!!! I already said to Deanna Adams, that Austin and his dad are more than welcome in our house. And if Cathie wants to come with Clair(which wasn't sure) they also can come to my house. But we will hear that later.

For now, all my best wishes to all of you.
Mazzel, Anja

Hello Terry ,
Probably everyone is NOW safe home with their own family and telling all the stories !! I am home as well after a long but very good and nice time in America and Canada with a GREAT WEEK in ST LOUIS

Thanks to all the guest families for all what they did with the kids , the coaches and all others !!

And also thanks for you the first week in hosting me and driving me around !!


Hello, it is Mara Keomanivane, I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience. I had so so so much fun, and I truly learned a lot. I plan to take the things I learned from camp and bring them into my game. This camp was amazing, as a player this camp has made me better, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me.

Thank You, Mara Keomanivane

Dear Tom and Terry Michler,
Zach and Alison got a lot out at the Dutch Touch camp. The skill level of the players, and the professionalism and ability of the coaches was evident. Thanks for providing such a valuable experience.

Phil Bayly

Mr. Michler,
Thank-you very much for the excellent week of Dutch Touch Camp, you really put on a great camp. Corey really enjoyed working with you and all of the Dutch players and coaches.

Thank-you Susan M Nolte

Good Morning Terry
Thank you for being so responsive last night with Marie and I. We recognize this isolated incident is not reflective of your camp and I am confident you will handle the matter with integrity and discretion.

I will share my daughter is excelling in your camp had has stated numerous times this is the best soccer experience she has ever had ,thank you so much for putting together such a training event.

There is something about this environment that has taken Natalie to another level in her mental and physical play .My intention was to share my thoughts at the end of the camp but under the circumstances I thought you should be made aware of the incredible positive impact your camp is having on Natalie .

Regards Guy

Hi Terry,
Nina really enjoyed the camp. I think it was a great experience for her to meet kids from another country, and especially to get to play soccer with them!

Thanks for all your hard work...it was great to see you again (just wish I could of come out more!)

Hugs, Peggy

Terry, Thank you for accepting my son, Jared Swierk, into your soccer camp. I know he left with more confidence and enjoyed himself thoroughly. Also, thanks for choosing him to get the souvenir ball. He thinks highly of your coaching style. I am glad he was able to get the experience.

Beth Swierk

i was unable to come by on the final day of the CBC Dutch camp due to work demands, but i wanted to tell you thanks for including Paul in the camp. He loved it. He enjoyed meeting new kids, training with new coaches... and he came home absolutely exhausted every night. Also thanks to your brother Tom for the coordination of the 4 v 4 tournament - and especially the guest speaker, Mr. Tuhabonye... Paul was very impressed by him and bought the book for his summer book report for school.
Again... thanks for everything. If there's anything you ever need from me - just call. And good luck with the upcoming high school soccer season.

Mark Buehler

hello Terry,
we are glad that all the dutch boys are home. Rody has really ' the time off his life' he had so much to tell us, we are happy that Rody polite this. we are glad whit every picture he had. he had a wonderfull guesthome and a lovely family. we want to say: thanks for all you did to make the boys happy. its really unforgettable.

with love,
Fam v. Osenbruggen from Holland.

Hello Terry,
Lucky that thy all are home now. I will thank you for the wonderfull time I had with you, it was the time off my live, I am very spoiled from you all. I will miss you all, will you give my regards to Mark and all the other. I hope to sea you once more, when you come to Holland, you are always welcome to stay at my home.

Lots of love, Irene

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave me this past week helping with the camp. I felt like one of the camper because I learned so much. So thank you once more the the opportunity.

Thanks, Brett Gregory

Dear everyone,
Back in Holland we miss you all, we like to come back to you next year, if it is possible. We all had a wonderful time with you and we loved the weather, here in Holland it rains a lot and it is only 16 degrees Celsius. Cold and wet. All the children are now at school and have to go back to the normal live, but they will not forgot the wonderful time in America. Thank you for every thing.

Many greetings from Theo, Harry and from me, Irene

I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful experience this has been for our family. We will never forget it. Hopefully, we will never lose touch with the families we became so close to in the last few weeks. Thank you for giving us this incredible opportunity Keep up the good work.

Ann Tettamble and family

My son, Spencer Holloman, had a great time. We appreciate you allowing him to participate even though he is a '95. We look forward to Spencer participating next year too.

Dave Holloman

HI Terry,
I just wanted to let you know that Austin really enjoyed the camp and learned a lot. Thanks for the Great week.


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