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Find a Way to Win

Available for sale on May 11th

Dan Coughlin's new book on leadership

Find a Way to Win: Management Insights from Terry Michler, America's All-Time Winningest Soccer Coach

only $24.95


About the Book

Find a Way to Win is about achieving team excellence in business and in soccer. In business, organizations don't achieve results and neither do individuals. All business results are accomplished through group performances.

Business consultant Dan Coughlin spent four months studying the coaching approaches of Terry Michler, America's all-time winningest soccer coach. He wanted to uncover Michler's methods for creating extraordinary group performances year after year. In 39 seasons Terry Michler's CBC High School soccer team has won over 800 games, six state championships, and six state runner-up trophies. He has been named National Coach of the Year by the NSCAA. Coughlin interviewed Terry Michler's former players, opposing coaches, assistant coach, mentors, and protégés to increase his understanding of Michler's proven approach to building championship teams. Coughlin then converted Terry Michler's ideas into management insights for improving group performances inside businesses. read more »


Find a Way to Win provides great insights, practical methods, and wonderfully useful ideas that business managers and coaches alike can use in all different sorts of situations to build great teams. Read it and you'll know all the secrets to building an extraordinary team!
- Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach and million-selling author of the New York Times best sellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won't Get You There.

"Find a Way to Win is a great read for both the soccer enthusiast and business leader! Dan Coughlin captures the essence of Terry Michler's coaching philosophy in this book. Terry's experience and vision for the game resonate well beyond the lines of a soccer pitch."
-Dan Flynn, CEO/Secretary General, United States Soccer Federation

"The Dutch National Team made 'Total Soccer' the most powerful soccer strategy in the world. Terry Michler, a devotee of Dutch soccer, won the most soccer games in U.S. history using 'Attacking Soccer,' and we sold more beer than any other brewer in the world using our business version of it called, 'Total Marketing.' "
- Denny Long, former President, Anheuser-Busch, Inc.

"Dan Coughlin did a masterful job of converting Terry Michler's soccer coaching wisdom into practical ideas business managers can use right away to improve results. Buy it, read it, and apply the ideas immediately!"
- Jerry Yeagley, former Indiana University Head Soccer Coach, winner of six NCAA Division I National Championships

"Find a Way to Win is packed with winning strategies that have worked for Terry Michler in soccer and will serve as a compass for business managers who dream of building first-class businesses. I know Terry well, and I know this book will give every reader value in which way to go. Study it carefully!"
- Jan Pruijn, Head of Technical, AJAX Capetown, Director, Soccer Active

"Find a Way To Win provides a blueprint for all organizations looking to go to the next level. As a former CBC soccer player in the early '80's, the thing that still impresses me today is Terry's passionate desire to always get better. There is always another level he aspires to for his teams to reach."
Mike England, President, CBC High School

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