The inside motivation brought them so far.
Jordie, Jannickand Michelle about brother/sister love and competitivespirit.

Jannick looks challenging to Michelle, and with a big grin toJordie. It's not the first time that one of the three is teasing the other ones. It goes on and on, say mum and dad. Don't call itbullying, just call it brotherlove. Not strange that they still live in the same house. They can't live without each other.

The family bond is stronger than just fun at the kitchen table. They stimulate and motivate each other. Always develop, always try to be better. Always push the limit. Michelle got back to the highest level with Achilles'29, the eredivisie for women. Jordie became champions with Juliana Malden and made a dream transfer to FC Lienden and Jannickis climbing higher and higher as a referee. The good feeling dominates thinking about the year 2016. 'We all have the sameambition. Push the limit and get highe rand higher', saysJordie. 'We did well this year'.

Soccer is the rhythm in the house of the Van der Laans. 'Sincethis years summer we have the perfect schedule', saysMichelle. 'On friday we play with Achilles'29, Saturdayafternoon Julian our youngest brother plays with his youthteam from Siol, after his game we go to Jordie with FC Lienden, and on sunday we watch Jannick.'

A lot has happened in a year. Michelle played with RKHVV in Huissen not a long time ago. 'I hoped I could ever go back in the eredivisie, I was happily surprised when the trainer calledme and asked if I was interested. I did a lot to be goodprepared. In summer holiday I did my running training with anathletic coach. I worked on my weaknesses. It was necessary. Soccer is priority, I train every day in the week.' Still shefound the time to finish her school. 'I finished my school andsometimes I can occur in different primary schools. If I don'tget called I work with my dad in the supermarket he owns. I only plan a couple days ahead. A full time job is impossibleright now.'

Jordie and Jannick are also working in the supermarket fromdad. Jannick follows the footsteps of his dad to becomesupermarkt manager and Jordie is helping some days in the week. 'I just finished my school (business economics) a couple weeks ago. I don't really know what I want to do right now. I have to figure that out the coming weeks. For now I can work in the supermarket.

His thoughts will turn back to the beginning of 2016 when he won so much with Juliana Malden. They became championand Jordie became topscorer of the club and of the league. 'We had a friend-team. Everyone had the same age, we likedthe same things, we lived near eachother, I enjoyed everythingwe had there. Sometimes I long to that time.' Because at FC Lienden, he ain't that succesfull yet. The coach wanted him as first striker, but he scored nothing yet. 'At Juliana everythingwent perfect, I scored 17 times in 12 games, 8 games in a row. Ofcourse I want tob e the man every week, but that doesn'tmean I'm cranky all the time..'

And even if he is in a difficult period, his brother and sister will get him through. They bring him to their games. 'I miss them when they aren't there. Even my teammates ask me hey where is your family?' 'They make sure the atmosphere is good, they yell and sing, they even brought torches a few weeks ago. But we still look different at a soccergame. I hope I see a nice game, Jannick lookst at the referee, his decisionsand his walking lines. Jordie looks to the tactics.

Jannick makes sure he grabs everything to be a better ref. 'My peak moment was when i made my debut in the second division between UNA-TEC(same division as Jordie plays in). By way of comparison, before the summer I was ref in the 7th division, this season I was already 4th official in the JupilerLeague with Young Ajax - Fortuna Sittard.'

He is with both feet on the ground, 'I learn a lot when I'm on the way with the big referees with a lot of experience. I want to be better. Thats why I want to see all summaries of the second and third division. Not to see how players behave, I want to see what decision the ref makes. I have to improvemyself. I'm not working on the eredivisie yet but that is a target where I want to work for.'

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